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Australian Unity

An overview of the projects I have worked on as a UI/UX Designer at Australian Unity, a company striving to become Australia's most trusted wellbeing company, with services across the sectors of health insurance, banking, investments, assisted living, aged care, and more.


UX & UI Designer


Part of the Digital Channels


July 2022 to Present


Design System

As the UI/UX Designer, I contributed to the development of Australian Unity's design system, enhancing user interfaces across their digital landscape. This project allowed me to refine a unified visual and functional framework to elevate user experience and consistency.

Padding & Inset.png

Retirement Communities Rebranded

In this project, I spearheaded the redesign of the retirement communities section on the website, successfully reducing the page bounce rate from 70% to an impressive 7%. This initiative not only redefined the user journey but also significantly enhanced user engagement and satisfaction. The new pages utilised consistent design elements in line with digital and branding guidelines.

Find a Retirement Community-min.png

Health Insurance Checkout

This pivotal redesign focused on the health insurance checkout process, a crucial conversion point where users become paying customers. My fresh designs aimed to uplift user engagement and conversion rates, streamlining the purchasing experience to facilitate easier and more intuitive interactions.

BOL 2 - D.png
BOL 3B - M.jpg

Future Direction

Continuously advancing in my role, I am dedicated to studying user behavior and optimizing customer journeys using tools like FullStory. My ongoing efforts are focused on enhancing website usability and accessibility, ensuring that the overall appearance remains not only aesthetically pleasing but also functionally superior. This commitment involves a proactive approach to evolving design elements to meet and exceed user expectations.


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