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A mobile application that allows users to create a customisable, interactive, digital business card.


Concept & Design


3 Developers & 1 Designer


April 2021 to February 2023


Main Goal

The application aims to reduce the deforestation levels in the world by encouraging people to switch to the platform’s digital business cards from traditional, physical business cards that use paper.

The Lightbulb

I got the idea for this project when I was working with a development team on another mobile application project, which later turned out to be unsuccessful. I was looking for the team leader’s business card but couldn’t find it, and when I finally did, the number was no longer in service, and I knew there was a way to improve this experience with the use of digitisation.

Early Wireframes

This first iteration of the application required a full size (desktop) web browser to create the card, while the mobile application would facilitate the exchange of the cards. It wasn’t user-friendly, and didn’t function appropriately either. The design ideas were there, however they were far from refined.


The Research Process

A set of qualitative interviews were conducted using a convenience sampling technique. The key issues found with version 1.0 were discussed to find patterns relating to what users valued and desired with the application to make improvements.


“I want to be able to create my card on the app instead of the website”

“Can there be a preset template? I don’t want to spend much time with that”

“Do I need to have the app? It would be helpful if people didn’t need the app to access a card

The Execution

The critical user journey was reimagined and redesigned entirely based on the feedback received from users.



This is the project that initiated my journey into designing and building digital products. I designed the first version of the application in 2016, but didn’t know what user experience meant at the time.

After six years of working on the project, I now understand the importance and value of considering the user’s experience, as it is a critical component of a product’s success.


© Raul Rath

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