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April 2023

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Problem Statement

There are a variety of issues surrounding the Deaf community in Australia, pertaining to barriers in communication and lack of support for learning AUSLAN. How can we develop and present a singular design that will address the issues in this area of concern?

Situation of Use

The situation of use centres around the issue of there being no encouragement for Australians to learn AUSLAN, as well as a lack of support and appropriate resources for those who are trying to learn it. The few resources that have been developed are usually done so without collaborating with the Deaf community, meaning they are often ineffective and get rejected.

Working with Users

After developing the main prototype with advice from our preliminary interviews with a Deaf individual, AUSLAN learner and AUSLAN teacher, we were ready to conduct our next set of interviews to understand if our prototype was appropriate and usable.

Research Method

The interviews were conducted over Zoom, and required participants to complete a series of tasks using the AUSLand prototype whilst narrating their actions with the assistance of a moderator.


After both stages of usability testing were completed, the data that had been gathered was transcribed and analysed. For the interviews, this involved the use of the coding method, wherein each interview was coded using the following key:


Interface Problems


1.1 Dissatisfaction about an aspect of the interface

1.2 Confusion/uncertainty about an aspect of the interface

1.3 Confusion/surprise at the outcome of an action

1.4 Physical discomfort

1.5 Fatigue

1.6 Difficulty in seeing particular aspects of the interface

1.7 Having problems achieving a goal

1.8 The user has made an error

1.9 Unable to recover from error without external help

1.10 Suggestion for redesign of the interface


Content Problems


2.1 Dissatisfaction about aspects of the content

2.2 Confusion/uncertainty about aspects of the content

2.3 Misunderstanding of the content

2.4 Suggestion for re-writing the content

Fixing Main Issue 01

The first problem was that users were unsure of the application’s purpose when they first opened it and looked at the home screen, while also finding the menu icons ambiguous.

Fixing Main Issue 02

The star icon representing mastery level was confusing to users, so we changed this to medals that appear in bronze, silver, and gold colours with the label “mastery” above the icon.

Additional Feature

To further enhance the user experience, I proposed a feature that allows users to customise their learning plan and be motivated with the use of daily learning streaks.

Future Direction

Although we were successfully able to create an application for our identified situation of use and design concept, a few processes could have been done differently. First of all, we could have conducted user tests with a larger sample size, through different sampling techniques to collect more valuable data. In addition to this, we could have conducted more usability tests throughout the

development process to ensure our concept and interface were on track. In the future, this application would need to be developed with the use of hand-tracking technology to maximise its efficiency as a tool that teaches AUSLAN. Additional features such as streaks and a customised learning plan could be added after conducting further user research to prioritise users' learning requirements.

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