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Remedy Healthcare

In this project, I led a comprehensive redesign of a healthcare provider's website, focusing on improving consistency, accessibility, and user enjoyment. The updated design aims to significantly enhance the site's overall user experience and interface, helping users navigate more effortlessly, and complete tasks with greater ease.


UX & UI Designer


Part of the Digital Channels


February 2024 to April 2024


Key Design Components

This section showcases the range of components I designed, each emphasising simplicity and ease of understanding to minimize cognitive load for users. These components are crafted to ensure clarity and accessibility, enhancing user engagement by providing a seamless and straightforward interactive experience throughout the website.

Contents 4.png
Group 10.png
Features 7.png
Contents 11.png

Future Direction

Looking ahead, I am committed to continuously tracking page performance and gathering insights into user preferences. This ongoing analysis will guide the iterative updates to the website, ensuring that each page not only meets but anticipates user needs and desires, thereby maintaining relevance and enhancing user satisfaction.


© Raul Rath

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